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•  Ian Dexter - one of my co-workers and quite the musician! I've had the chance to jam with him on multiple occasions, and it's always been a pleasure.


•  Steve Pavlina - had it not been for his 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job blog post, I likely wouldn't have started down the roads to investing, passive income, and personal development.

•  Derek Sivers - along with being the person I sought help from to digitally distribute the album I made under my Natthimmel project so many years ago, he's also a very insightful and creative person that has inspired me to continue to strip away all the unnecessary and focus on what's important.

•  Leo Babauta - both his Zen Habits and mnmlist sites have inspired me to strip my web presence down to the essentials and focus on content.

•  Glenn Morrissette - though his blog is no longer, To Simplify inspired me to want to be a nomad and travel the country in an RV. While that path didn't pan out and I took a different road (hello brewing), the lesson of living light and lean stuck with me.

•  Jacob Lund Fisker - a brilliant man who's been able to distill expenses down to their minimum, live off residual income from investments, and spend his days doing whatever inspires him.

•  Osho - though controversial in some circles (mostly from the actions of his followers), he has inspired me to look at reality from different perspectives and see that many things people get wound up about are not worth giving energy to (especially politics).

•  Devin Townsend - I've been a fan of Strapping Young Lad for years, though I've recently dug into his self-titled works and have been totally floored. Devin's taught me to follow my muse, no matter where it takes me. Also, this interview with Devin has been pivotal to help me understand how to overcome issues in my personal relationships that I've had recently. I also read his book "Only Half There" and his book on creativity, which gave me many insights to his creativity, as well as my own.

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