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Finding Focus

After taking the time to list everything I talked about in Back to Work, I’ve been able to streamline it into twelve different areas. That seems like a lot, but after perusing the list again, I will be able to work on everything at various times, so now I’ve got to properly schedule time to work on the different tasks in each of those different areas.

That itself will be the difficult part, because my schedule varies from week to week and trying to lock down a certain schedule to do things is impossible. What I’ve got to do is assign time amounts to each of the areas and when I can get them in.

It’s going to be a very segmented existence coming up, but as long as I have time to work on everything I want, I’ll be happy. There’ll definitely be a learning curve to finding time for everything I want to do, but it will help with finding focus with how I want to move forward in life.

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