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2024-02-19 (Week 2307): 15k and B minor

Thank you, Neocities, for the 15k views! I appreciate your continued perusal of my pontifications. I plan to continue for the foreseeable future, so I hope all of you who read what I write continue to do so as well.

There is better news on the personal front this week, as our cat got a cleaner bill of health after a visit to the eye doctor. That means she’s going from getting medicine five times daily (4 am, 6 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm) to twice daily (6 am, 6 pm). That means I can get a proper eight hours of sleep when needed and sleep late on the weekends (I wake at 3:30 am during the week).

As for creative projects, the weekly approach is working relatively well. I consolidated a lot of notes the week before, and I worked on music last week. I simplified my approach a great deal and wrote works in a piano-like fashion. The sample I used for the left hand was a sub-bass tone, and the sample I used for the right hand was a pipe organ note drenched in reverb.

I revisited “A Calming Influence” and transposed it to G major. I also wrote a couple of other loops in G major before running through the scales of the four keys I highlighted from a page on Affective Musical Key Characteristics. The scales were F major, F sharp major, G major, and B minor. F major was not agreeable, nor was F sharp major. G major was good, but B minor was better.

The description for B minor is “the key of patience, of calm awaiting one’s fate and of submission to divine dispensation.” This description and other recent revelations from “Sun and Steel” and Vanaprastha make sense as to why it resonates so much. When the next music week rolls around (week 2310), I’ll likely dive deep into B minor, transpose “A Calming Influence” again, and see what else I can write.

An album idea is forming, but it will likely be many months (if I only work on it one week a month) before anything comes to fruition. I have considered calling it “Adagios in B minor,” similar to a previous album entitled “Subaquatic Adagios I.” Still, the tempo of an adagio is 44-66 BPM, and what I’ve written is between 72-80 BPM. I suppose “Andantes in B minor” could work, too – we’ll see.

This week is a Mordor week, so I’m interested in seeing if that brings about any insights.

Until next week!
Feel free to e-mail me at jasonvincion@disroot.org if you feel like chatting. I try to check it during the week, but I often get distracted with other things.
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