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2023-07-31 (Week 2278): Returning to Normalcy

After returning from Leavenworth on Monday of last week, the week was a bit crazy. I had an old friend visit from out of town, an impromptu beer tasting after work, a visit to the parents, the bowling league, a toilet that was leaking, which I broke and then fixed (hopefully), and a day out on the town with my partner. I’m scattered since those things happened on Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Saturday.

It’s also been a time of reviewing accounts and data and doing my best to downsize the unnecessary. I’m trying to consolidate many old backups, and I’m getting there, but it’s a long process. I have almost thirty years of data, though most of it is from the last five years.

I have another album coming together in its primordial form, but it will take a while to get there. It will be a collage of old pieces and loops of mine, then done in a slushwave/vaporwave style. I will use bits and pieces from my catalog instead of other people’s old work for new material. I think I can get something out of all the din, and I have enough material that I may want to do a set with multiple volumes, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m also trying to get back into writing fiction. I’m pretty sure I have all my old stories consolidated into a folder, so now I need to read back through them and see if there are any salvageable ideas or characters. I did an idea-mapping session a few years ago that brought all my old characters and story arcs together, so perhaps I can also find a way to integrate those ideas. It’s hard to say; my list of projects is long.

I also want to return to the NES and check out some of the hacks or translations people have created by reformating levels, adjusting dialogue, building new scenarios, and what have you. Some folks want me to post my reviews from 20-25 years ago, but I’m not that person anymore. I can review those games again, and I may. My perspective will undoubtedly be different, but I’m sure I can find what drew me to those games in the first place.

Hopefully, I can get more done with projects this week since it feels like it will be slower, but it’s hard to say what may pop up. I didn’t think last week would be as crazy as it was, but here we are.

Until next week!