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2023-04-24 (Week 2264): Narrowing Lanes Down

Last week was full of chaos, leading to the realization that I needed to narrow my focus. I still have the three main realms I want to pursue (music, writing, and brewing), but I now know where I want to take them.

With music, my focus is on writing one song and then reworking it in various styles I've previously pursued. The first track is called "The Long Road Here" (for obvious reasons). It will consist of the 12 drum kits I created recently, the ambient samples I created the soundscapes with, and the virtual instruments I used with Links to the Past. The best interpretations will be on an EP on most streaming platforms.

With writing, my focus is on writing essays on various topics. I'll still write these weekly updates, but I'm leaning towards partitioning them off to a Now page and reactivating my page on that website. As for the content of the essays, I'm leaning towards topics covered by Eastern philosophy, as well as revisiting games I loved as a youth and approaching them more objectively. I may attempt some games I missed during those times (NES/SNES), but I'd rather revisit old favorites first.

With brewing, my focus is on making jun. I'm aiming for a beverage in the 3%-5% alcohol range with green tea and honey as the base (which is jun) and adding foraged ingredients to make more intriguing flavors. Lilac season is right around the corner, and fireweed is coming soon. I'm likely to reference Northern Bushcraft for some more ideas.

I also have a ton of archiving and cleaning to do, but I'll get there when I get there.

Until next week!