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2022-10-31 (Week 2239): Following Multiple Paths

I'm doing multiple things relating to music at once, and that's how it will be for a while. The mornings are for new music creation (as well as this blog on Mondays), and the evenings are for sifting through old works.

As far as the mornings go, I have an actual album coming together. The themes are appearing, the album after it is already in mind, and the last track will likely be a preview. I'm building each track layer by layer and incorporating all elements that will plausibly fit. It will be more complex and layered than I described last week, but I imagine most of that process will appear in these tracks.

It's currently a process of writing and recording eight-bar keyboard tracks, lining them up randomly to a list I made years ago of sound fonts I like, running those tracks through Audiobulb Ambient, then building pieces from what comes about.

The loop lengths (and the number of repetitions) decide each track's song length and BPM (beats per minute). I'm still building the foundations for all 12 pieces, but it's looking like it will be about a 75-minute album with tracks between 5-8 minutes long.

The album summarizes all that's come before, so it's likely to be some mixture of metal, industrial, experimental, ambient, and noise. I'm starting with these ambient background tracks to create a foundation, and then I'll start putting together foundational drum tracks. Unlike the plethora of albums I've planned since finishing up the Links to the Past demos, I'm doing my best to let this one come together organically instead of forcing an idea to come to fruition.

As far as the evenings go, I'm about halfway through my 15th year, and I've realized how easily the music I listened to influenced me. It was all death metal with gory or satanic lyrics, so that's what I was writing too.

I cringe at what I went through to get there, and I could have prevented much of the misery back then by altering my mindset. I'm still not the happiest camper, but I'm more often at peace in doing my best to follow The Way.

I've also found another track to add to "The Early Years (1994-1998)," so I should have enough material to make it a separate remastered release from the remaster of "Burned." I have about 50 more cassettes to get through before I'm at the point when I put out "Burned," so I'm sure I'll find some more material.

Until next week!