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2022-09-19 (Week 2233): 3k and Endless Sample Editing

First, thanks for the 3k views on Neocities! If you want to check out more of my work, follow me on Bandcamp or Spotify. The Bandcamp page will be busier shortly with the remasters, so that's the more active page to follow.

As for what's going on, "Purging Darkness" has hit yet another sampling snag. With the synth tracks for the 15 pieces assembled, I now have to sift through 148 drum samples and clean them up. Lord, kill the pain.

Speaking of the synth tracks for the 15 pieces, I wanted to listen to one of them to see where this album is going, and the intro reminds me a little of the opening to "Demanufacture," but instead of moving on to a metal assault, it stays in the dark ambient noise space.

Maybe some of the drum tracks I do for "Purging Darkness" will be in a machine-gun style like "Demanufacture." I have to get through editing them first. Hopefully, I can finish the drum sample editing this week.

As for the remasters, I've got "Burned" (under my Soul Ablaze project) ready to go, but I'm going through older recorded material for further insights on what led up to recording "Burned." It's a process of self-discovery that has uncovered quite a few things.

"Burned" is my longest gap between released recordings (18 years, almost ten months), so there's a lot to sift through. It was my childhood and teenage years, and many things happened that shaped where I am today.

I'm also considering an album called "In Memoriam" or "In Remembrance" that would attempt to write a song in a general style of all the different projects I've made over the years, naming the pieces after the project.

That would be quite an undertaking and would span from 1998 to 2014. All of my releases since 2015 have used my name and have been ambient/drone, so covering tracks in those styles seems unnecessary.

I also have some one-off or few-off projects that I might add to the album, but looking at my release list, I'm already looking at 17 tracks, so we'll see. Some lesser evolved projects might be left off, but we'll see. That is also a few years down the road. Hopefully, I can get something released soon. "Purging Darkness," here we come!

Until next week!