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Updated 2017-02-15.

I'm still living in Seattle after all this time (I was born and raised here) and the first couple weeks of February have indeed found me in a cyclone of activity that I'm just starting to stabilize from after making some conscious choices about how I want to proceed in life. I've had to re-focus a fair bit and really think about what is important to me. Anything that takes away energy from those things is being jettisoned, and anything that adds energy to those things is being pursued. Basically, I'm sleeping more and drinking less.

As for what I'm doing now:

  • Practicing mindfulness in all of my affairs after a lapse in doing so.

  • Just finished a piece for and curating the One Sample Dare #48 competition after winning the 47th one. I've now won two in a row! Here's my most current piece:

  • Participating in the 8th edition of the Ambient Online Compilation Series, where I have to have two pieces done for it by May 1st. Should be doable!

  • Doing research in order to upgrade and streamline my home studio for making ambient music with the variety of tools I have at my disposal.

  • Streamlining my data archive when I have the time to - like in real life, I can't believe how much I've collected over the years, so the sifting and deleting begins.

  • Dropping weight like a stone - I'm back down to 230, which is the weight I'm listed at on the Class 12 permit I got three years ago. Who knew that snacking less and working twice as much could make you lose weight? I was aiming for 225 (I'm 6'2" for reference), but I'm pretty sure I can go quite a bit lower. Baby steps.

  • Taking on the epic task of downsizing 37 years (roughly) of accumulated clutter, starting with going through my CD collection and selling the ones I no longer want to Decluttr. I can tell I've still a long way to go.

  • Greatly enjoying spending as much time as I can with my girlfriend. Our schedules are usually only compatible on Sundays, so we try to spend as much time together on those days as we can.

  • Thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea to create this page! Here's my profile page on NowNowNow if you're interested.

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