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Times Change

Something I’ve noticed over the past ten months since moving in with my girlfriend is that I have serious shifts in life every two to three months, and one of them just happened after yesterday’s events.

The catalyst wasn’t anything too severe, but after an excessively sweaty and strenuous brew day, I had a headache slowly come on. I’m also decaffeinating after noticing how much caffeine incites road rage in me, which was likely part of the source of the headache, along with dehydration from sweating like a faucet in the brewery and not drinking enough water.

Once I got home, I partook in various strains of flower and engaged in my music creation process. I was able to get some work done, but then the headache started to get a bit overwhelming and I had to stop. I tried showering, but that didn’t help. I took a nap and that kind of helped, but not enough.

After that, I went out with my girlfriend for our Wednesday nachos & beer, but I could only peck at my food and sip my beer. She drove me home after about 30 minutes and I just slept. She got home about two hours later after hanging out with our friends and I just went back to sleep until I woke up this morning.

Today is one of my fasting days and I had to break my fast because I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it until tomorrow afternoon without food, because the last time I tried, I got an even nastier headache than the one I just had. I might be able to fast now that I’ve eaten something, but the effects of the fast will be lessened. That said, a 28-hour fast is nothing to scoff at.

With all that said, I realize that it’s time to take a break from caffeine, take a break from smoking weed, cut back on the beer consumption, and hydrate more (even though I thought I was).

I’m not sure how that’s going to affect my music creation process, but I’m working on it as I type this and I’m going about it just the same, so perhaps the previous process served its purpose and I can continue forward sans herbal and caffeine-fueled influence.

As far as the post title goes, it’s a phenomenon that happens to me every few months, which is why I made an album called that a couple years ago. It’s the first of my ambient drone series available on Apple Music and Spotify, and you can email me at jasonvincion at zoho dot com if you would like a physical copy (I have 10 or so left). It’s also the name of a short story I wrote in 2003, but reading it back now is awfully cringe-inducing.

I could go back to all the different changes that have happened in my life (I wrote of a big one in Authenticity), but the five most recent (starting in September 2018) are moving in with my girlfriend, From Darkness Comes Creation (Apple Music | Spotify), pivoting my musical plan (detailed in the Music Journals listed on the Archives page), developing my current musical creation process, and whatever this period will be.

This period could lead to a website renaissance, it will lead closer to a new ambient album (if not the completion of it) and then times will change again, probably in September. It’s almost seasonal, but I get an extra one thrown in for good measure. Lucky me!

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