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Streamlining Life

Now that I’m nearing 40, I’m a lot more interested in focusing on what is important to me. I’m also interested in properly leaving behind and letting go of all the things I’ve had interest in and created over the years.

A lot of that interest and creativity subsides in the musical realm, and I’m spending a fair amount of my free time trying to wrap all of my past musical interest and creativity up. I’ve tried to apply the 80/20 principle to this process, though it feels like I’m at 80% new and 20% old right now.

Part of that has to do with the fact that I’m anxious to get a new album out, since the last album I released came out almost five months ago and the last track I made came out almost four months ago.

That said, I’m also interested in paying respect to my past creativity. I’m doing so by creating a playlist which features one song from as many artists I can find that I’ve enjoyed over the years, by working on my discography page, by working towards wrapping up everything with Concatenation Records, by re-integrating demos and creative ideas into upcoming works (though how soon that happens remains to be seen), and by copying old cassettes I made in the 90s over to digital.

I’m also trying to clean up stuff left over from old hobbies, finish up old games (hello Mordor), and have a more focused task list moving forward. The best luck I’ve had with this is by keeping a daily task list on my phone and working on/knocking out a few tasks every day. If I can’t get it done, I bump it to a different day when I can.

Ultimately, I want to make a giant master list of everything I need to do, past, present, and future. I have the past one pretty well documented, but the present actions are currently based on how many days a week I work on them (fasting on Tuesdays & Thursdays for example), and future goals are written out, but the path to getting there still seems extremely nebulous. I should put that on my daily task list!

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