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So Many Projects

I’m the type to create new projects for myself all the time and if I actually sat down and wrote out all the things I’m working on, it would be a bit on the ludicrous side.

Off the top of my head:

• I have 10 different album chains conceptualized (going from ambient (01) to just intonation with drums (02), then repeating that cycle ad infinitum (03, 04, etc.)) and a couple of those are in progress (I’m now focusing on the first one).

• I’m digging through the entirety of the Dividend Detective big list and creating a spreadsheet with ex-dividend and dividend payment dates to create a portfolio that is constantly creating dividends, which I can use to further build the portfolio or upgrade multiple things in my life.

• I’m going through the multiple types of collectibles I’ve collected over the years and looking for the best way to let them go.

• After finally finishing my master Spotify playlist, I’m working on breaking it down into smaller playlists and then developing those further.

• I have over a year’s worth of saved Instagram posts and pages of old notes that I want to go through to try to further extract ideas, create summaries of useful information, and refine my personal philosophy.

• I have many years of old e-mails in five different e-mail accounts that I want to go back through and deactivate certain online accounts attached to them.

• I’m blending old homebrew back into barrels and figuring out ideas for creating more interesting small batch sours & wild braggots.

I know all these things intertwine in a way towards my end goal, which is to live a simpler life, have a larger place to live and work on all these projects, and have better tools to work with, so I’m trying to focus as much time as I can to getting these done.

It’s not the easiest thing to do when my schedule is often erratic and overbooked, but I have a sense of urgency to get to the destination and I will keep working towards that goal - why wouldn’t I?

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