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Shifting with Change

I'm at a point where I feel like my creative energies are starting to shift. While I've started a new weekly soundscape project on my SoundCloud page, I've created another hour-long drone that will eventually end up on my YouTube page, and the "Jibakurei: Ichi" album is rolling right along, I feel a shift back towards my original passion that precedes music by a couple years: writing.

I woke up a couple mornings ago out of a dream wherein the resolution of the dream turned into a full-fledged fictional series in the span of 15 minutes. As much as I enjoy putting together ambient soundscapes (and will continue to do so), I'm realizing more that it should not be my main focus (as I've wanted it to be for many years).

I know that I need to be creative to fulfill myself as a human being, and while I enjoy pursuing all aspects of creativity, there are ones that are likely a better fit than others. With music, I enjoy the creative aspect, but touring is not something I have any interest in. With brewing, I enjoy the process and the taste of the final product, but I'm also trying to get into better shape and alcohol consumption is in opposition to that.

With writing, I need to come up with ideas, read more, gather my ideas (which are numerous), and put forth the ideas into some sort of forum, whether it be here, other places online, or in books/PDFs/whathaveyou. It also requires a lot of time diving into the act of writing and researching, which I am definitely compelled to do. Ideas sometimes take a minute to come forth, but once I have one in my grasp, I'm able to barrel forward with relative ease.

As in all things in my life, this will be a gradual shift, rather than an overnight change. I know some people that can change on the drop of a dime, but I'm definitely not like that. My energies are like faders on a mixer - some slide up gradually while some slide down. There are also some faders I'd like to turn down completely, but that will take time and effort to do so. It's all a part of the process.

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