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Rewriting the Story

My old friend Drew recently sent me a link to a site on shamanism (combining spirituality with practical ideas), and they have a monthly forecast which focuses on a certain theme and elaborates on it.

This month's theme is rewriting the story, with the idea behind that being to examine the parts of your life that you're not happy with, then using the energy spent lamenting them and putting it towards things you want to experience.

I've written about this process in my last couple of posts in how it's like adjusting faders on a mixer, taking the faders that are producing a sound that is too loud and dissonant, then turning them down slowly to reduce that noise or eventually turning them completely off.

We only have so much energy in a day to do things, and it's about focusing on things that will help us survive or bring us joy (preferably those things coincide). The rest of the stuff can be washed away with the tides.

I'm certainly not perfect at this process, but I've focused on putting more energy into it as of late so I can get better at it. I'm not getting any younger and there's no point in worrying about things that I can't affect, so I focus on getting rid of the detrimental aspects and put that energy towards enjoying life more.

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