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Reducing Decisions

I’m not sure if this post is going to be much different than the Reducing Commitments one, though that one was more broad in scope and this one will be more focused.

I also debated calling this post Reducing Distractions, but that makes it sound like our choices are left to the universe or whimsy. I certainly was more whimsical in my younger years (even within the last year), but as I reach the second half of my life, I’m taking more responsibility for my decisions. In this world where so many things are uncontrollable, we can control our decisions and what we do with our time and energy.

That said, sometimes our decisions move us forward in the direction we would like to go, and sometimes they lead us nowhere or hold us back. One of my current goals is to listen to myself, think about the choice I want to make, observe why I wanted to make that choice, and decide whether the choice I make will help me to move forward. I’m going real self-micro-management here.

My goal in doing so is that I want to keep reducing the amount of decisions I make. In a world of ever-increasing noise, I seek to chip away at the noise I interact with and focus my energies on what I truly want.

As for what that is, it’s not especially specific, but it’s defined enough that I have a basic idea. This was a paragraph, but it was becoming quite gigantic.

What I want:

• to continue creating music and expand to creating animated visuals for said music.

• to continue with fermentation and expand the types of fermentation that I work with.

• to continue exploring & sharing ideas along the lines I have been (Stoicism, Buddhism, and Taoism) and expand my exploration into other areas of philosophy to further cement my own philosophical foundation.

• to continue working with plants and expand my knowledge of growing techniques and medias, as well as food & herb preservation.

• to continue working on my health and expand the amount of time I spend focusing on it.

• to continue working on my investments and build a sustainable portfolio to help sustain myself in my older years.

• to continue spending time with the people I care about and expand upon our relationships as time goes on.

• to continue exploring options for what to do with what I’ve created and collected on this earth after my death, since I will have no progeny.

That last one’s a little heavy, but hey - facts are facts. I must continue to walk these paths and anything I didn’t mention must be left behind. Eight points of life like eight points of yoga. Interesting.

There are still other things in my life that I must take care of (like getting rid of old things), so I must decide to let those things go in whatever way I need to, which will reduce the amount of decisions I make and distractions I have.

It’s all a work in progress, but that is what I want to do the most in life - progress and grow as a person.

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