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Reducing Commitments

I’ve been interested in astronomy ever since my third grade teacher put a collage of the solar system on her classroom ceiling, gave all of her students our own ships to put up, and we could move them closer towards the Oort Cloud with every book we read.

That interest stayed with me, which led to forming an experimental musical project with friends called Oort Cloud (which will be posted in the 2002 and 2004 Discography pages once I get there), creating a couple space-themed albums in Dark Side of Zebes and It Came from Beyond the Oort Cloud, creating a couple different projects with outerspace themes in Jovian Maelstrom and Tides of Europa, and I’m preparing to create a series of albums called Extrasolar once I get the first album in the Jibakurei series completed.

What all this has to do with reducing commitments is that there’s a theory about the ultimate fate of the universe called the heat death of the universe in which the universe continues to expand until there’s no more energy for it to expand and the temperature drops to zero degrees kelvin (aka absolute zero).

I see a similar parallel in modern life in that there are so many different people, things, and ideas vying for our attention at all times that it stretches us to distraction and exhaustion. I know I’ve had so many projects and interests over the years that I haven’t had time to get far on many of them and I find that disagreeable. It’s definitely a factor in the reason I’ve rebooted this site so many times.

So, over the past few years, I’ve been chipping away at trimming my sprawl to focus on the things that are more important to me and let go of that which no longer serves me. It’s been a long, arduous, and sometimes overly emotional process of letting go of things and ideas I identified with as part of my identity, but as I go along, I realize that they were not. To borrow from Devin Townsend’s idea, they were the exhaust from enacting all the different processes I had interest in trying.

That’s not to say I’m not going to try new processes and ideas - I just want to clean up the exhaust of my processes once I’m done with them. Whether that be selling old things, finishing unfinished projects, closing or deleting old accounts, or putting all of it in one centralized location (hello Discography page), I want a lower volume of things in my sphere of experience so I can pay more attention to that which I choose to move forward with.

I’m basically trying to wrap up my life into a small box with a nice little bow on it and hopefully I have a fair bit more time to keep working on that, because I sure could use it!

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