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One Last Time

I always preface reboots of this website with the statement that this time is going to be the last time I do it. So, I’ll say it again - this is the last time I’m going to reboot the website!

That said, it’s not a full reboot, as my music journals from February to April 2019 are in the Archives, the Now page is up and has been recently updated, and I’m finally attempting to get after my Discography (at least I have this year’s up so far).

Still, I’d like to keep things as they are for the foreseeable future. I plan to write new entries once or twice a week (preferably twice, but my schedule is insane at times), work on the discography as I can, build my Spotify playlists into more cohesive (and smaller) lists, and focus on new musical material.

The new musical material is the main focus, as I’ve got a bunch of new musical projects (under my own name) planned and each of those projects have their own trajectories as well. It’s still a bit overwhelming wrapping my head around how much everything has sprawled out and how herculean the span of these projects is, but it’s slowly coming together.

I still have a ton of samples to sift through and new ones to create, so I shall return to that for now.

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