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No Slowing Down

Time hates a vacuum. Even with certain things in my schedule being removed, they are immediately replaced with new things or more time is spent on the things already being done. The latter I have no issue with and I don't have that much of an issue with the former, but I had this delusion that things would slow down once summer is over, which is not the case. The busy nature of summer maligned it some with me, and that has never been the case before (save for having to deal with sweaty brew days).

Another issue is that I'm at the point where I'm getting excited for all the things I want to do musically in the future and am having a tougher time working on my current album, "Jibakurei: Ichi". The album is a coalescence of all the different musical ideas I've had over the past four months, whereas future albums will be more streamlined.

Despite the fact that I'm ready to move on to the next project, I'm dedicated to finishing this one, as I'm going into the home stretch. I already have 13 of the 17 tracks created and I'm almost done with the last four, then it's on to the mastering process.

During the track creation process, I've also created three pieces over an hour in length that I want to put up on YouTube (I'm listening to one of them as I type and it's kind of perfect to write to), and am considering creating extra tracks for other online sources (SoundCloud, etc) to promote "Jibakurei: Ichi" more. I still have more samples to work with and I want to put them to use, which is a big part of why I'm considering doing extra tracks.

While I do have some plans set down, I still feel like I'm mostly flying by the seat of my pants and there will be no slowing down, so I just have to keep working on what's in front of me and get to the new projects when I can.

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