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Narrowing Options Down

One of the issues I have with the Internet is that there are so many places to participate. Whether it be social media, music services, forums, marketplaces - picking the right ones can be difficult at best and daunting at worst, which leads to inaction.

Part of the issue I have is my own lack of knowledge - knowing where the communities are that would appreciate what I’m doing and where I can appreciate what they’re doing. The community I’m the most a part of is The Shizz, as our love of the Minibosses is what brought us together in the first place.

That said, I’ve been a part of that community since I was 25 and now that I’m nearing 40, what I create musically has changed a fair bit over the last 15 years. I still enjoy chatting, hanging out, and catching up with those folks, but there’s not a whole lot of overlap of what I create and what they listen to these days.

The folks over at Ambient Online are definitely more aligned with the music I’ve created over the past couple years, as I’ve heard a lot of cool ambient pieces and learned a lot more about creating ambient music (and ambient music in general) from spending time there.

While I appreciate the niche of it and the community is strong, what I’m looking for is a way to reach and interact with more people.

To be fair, I’ve been on the Internet since the mid-90s, so forums (and bulletin boards before them) are more familiar to me. I’m on some social media, but I find social media to be forums focused on a niche way of participating (Bandcamp for albums, Instagram for photos & videos, Spotify for playlists, Twitter for thoughts), but massively scaled and ramped up to 11. Honestly, it’s kind of intimidating.

I have considered doing a podcast, either talking about my musical process or talking with others about their process, but that’s still in the primordial stages. I definitely enjoy making posts for this website, but podcasts have a lot broader scope.

The problem with that is which platform to choose, and we return to the issue at the beginning of the post. All I must do is fail my way forward, then fail and try again. Back to it!

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