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Music Journal - 2019-04-23

This week's been another deep dive - mostly digging into my previous styles and how they all coalesce.

Up until early this morning, the genres were separating into two camps - one would be a continuation of my drone sound, adding heavy guitars and other instrumentation to create a slow-moving wall of sound. The other would be more akin to my sound on Mindtrap, with a focus on more of a atmospheric and gloomy reverb-heavy sound.

Up until early this morning I say, wherein something caused me to wake up around 2:30 AM and not really go back to sleep for quite some time, especially because I kept getting musical ideas and figured out how to make these two styles coalesce into some kind of heavy, gloomy, atmospheric wall of sound with slow moving beats. Again, I feel as if I'm moving back towards my Jesu worship, which pronounced itself pretty well on Enveloped around 10 years ago. The muse takes you where it wants you to go, and right now it's got me shining on the Borderlands.

To find my way to coalescing these two sounds together, I'm returning to a piece I covered almost eight years ago - Wandering Flame from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack. The first version was rough, and the second version I did a couple months later came out more to my liking, but it's still not quite where I want it.

I'm going to attempt to get these two styles to merge and see how it comes about. It probably won't be too much different from the version I just posted, but I've got to see where it goes!

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