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Music Journal - 2019-04-16

After finishing my Spotify Genre project on Saturday the 13th, the music is finally starting to coalesce.

The results of the project have a majority of my musical interests presenting in ambient, electronic, jazz, and metal, with smaller interests presenting in classical, pop, rock, and world music. Considering my musical output over the past 25 years, that sounds about right.

Armed with that knowledge, I've started working on my first non-ambient piece in about a year. My last attempt was little more than a demo that ended up on my short foray into Steemit and DSound, and it was called Seeking Purpose.

This time, what has come together so far is considerably darker. Considering I'm coming off one of my darkest albums in From Darkness Comes Creation, that's not too surprising. The piece currently consists of a drone, the arpeggio used to make the drone, and a drum beat, which makes it a little empty and crazy-making. I'm working on filling in the sound spectrum to make things more dense, but it's all a work in progress.

The influences I can hear so far come from my most recent drone material, as well as an arpeggio-forward song I wrote sixteen years called A Calming Influence, which I know was inspired by The Magnet of the Heart from the Ultima: Exodus soundtrack for the NES.

It's a soundtrack that holds a lot of sentimental value to me, as I've covered a couple tracks from the soundtrack - one is here from a June 2005 Dwelling of Duels competition (dig that wacky scream), and the other is currently unreleased. It also ties into my Burzum fandom, as when I first bought the Ultima: Exodus NES game cartridge from Funcoland in February 1999, which was the same month I bought Burzum's Filosofem album. I remember alternating listening to Filosofem and the game's soundtrack while spending a great deal of time playing the game.

To return from the trip down memory lane, the drum influence comes from video game music covers I did under the moniker of DJ WarMECH in 2004, which has led me to copying those covers back on to my hard drive for further study, since they are of a similar structure to the piece I'm currently working on. For reference, I've uploaded the pieces here.

I had originally hoped to be done with this piece by Friday, but that seems unlikely at this point. Next Friday seems a little far-fetched too, even though I have all day on Monday to work on developing it (unless my plans change, which they tend to).

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