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Music Journal - 2019-04-09

The craziness continued over the past week and I may have gone a little too hard at times, but some necessary insights were found.

By digging deeper into my Spotify Genre list, revisiting Ishkur's Electronic Music Guide, and looking through all the genres that DistroKid attaches to uploaded tracks, it led to me going down the Electronic music subgenre rabbit hole (via Wikipedia and Spotify research), and I've come out the other side with more clarity about how I want to approach music moving forward.

To summarize, DistroKid allows the artist to attach two different genres to a track when uploading it, so I went through all the different permutations and found that there are 18 different ones that I want to create music to fit to.

Though I'm a blender by nature (thus my enjoyment of making sour beers at work because I can blend different strains of yeast and bacteria to create something that tastes unique), it doesn't mean I'm going to try to jam 18 different styles in one song - which was sort of the plan right before I did the aforementioned research.

I find I do a little better when I have some structure, so having some will definitely help my productivity. Over half of those 18 styles I want to use to create with have the Electronic / Chill Out (Ambient) subgenre in them, and I already have a basic idea for structure (that I used in my track for the most recent Ambient Online compilation titled "Icebound Desolation"), so that will definitely focus my future creativity more effectively.

It also kind of makes going through the remaining 39 genres in my Spotify Genre list a bit moot, but perhaps by finding a way to blend the 18 genres on DistroKid with the genres on Spotify that make it to the next round (if there is one), I can further hone my sounds (and create new pieces while doing so). Like I said, I'm a blender.

I think the first order of business will be to put a new ambient track together, so it's time to get back to work!

Until next week!

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