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Music Journal - 2019-04-02

It's been quite the week - there have been two big shifts since my last journal.

First, I realized that I'm trying to get all of my musical influences to coalesce together, which is why I decided to change the name of the next album to Coalescence.

Second, I realized that trying to make a cohesive album with all the disparate musical influences I have is going to take some time. While it worked out brilliantly for Devin Townsend with his new album "Empath", it took him 18 months to put it together.

I also realize that I don't have much traction in the musical marketplace, so I'm going back to releasing one piece at a time. It worked out fairly well when I submitted pieces to Dwelling of Duels on a regular basis, so I figure doing the same approach with DistroKid, having them submit the tracks to all the online services, then focusing on getting on Spotify playlists will be the approach that I take.

There are so many music streaming services to put energy into, but Spotify seems to be the best for tracking metrics, so that's what I'm focusing on. My main interest is seeing what people enjoy the most of what I'm creating, so I can hone my sound more in that direction.

It's also going to make my output more varied, as I've got a slam metal track in the prototype stages, I'm thinking about doing some grindcore tracks, and of course I've still got more ambient pieces to create. I also have some other ideas, and things will come together as I keep working and as I continue to dig my way through the Spotify genre project I'm still working on.

That's it for now - be back next week!

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