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Music Journal - 2019-03-26

Things are coming together more with the demos I have - volume leveling has become more balanced, sample selection is narrowing down, forms are taking shape within the pieces, layering ideas are showing up - it's coming together nicely.

I've also come to realize that all this work I'm doing with the Spotify Genre list (currently on genre 41 of 174) is for the album after this one. "Darkness Falls" (tentative title) is already taking shape, so this is more research for what comes next. There will be some similarities to what I'm working on now (which is a hybrid of some of my older styles), but it seems to be going in a more electronic direction.

I'm also debating putting all 10 tracks on the album, since I'm less interested in the social media angle and more interested in going with a more traditional route of e-mail marketing. I started up an e-mail list recently, so anyone interested in my musical releases can be informed when they come out. As for other social media, I do have some YouTube video ideas, but they correlate more with the material that's going to be on the next album, rather than this one.

I'm also anticipating the arrival of my pre-order of Devin Townsend's "Empath" arriving in the mail. The release date is Friday the 29th, but some people have already received their pre-orders. I have a feeling that album will be an influence on my upcoming material, as "Darkness Falls" has definitely been inspired by Devin's process in a few ways (though maybe not as much by his music).

The prime influences being this video of him putting together a demo of "Stars" from the Transcendence album, and the piece of information that he chains delay before and after reverb. I upped it a little bit on my arpeggios by going in clean and then adding reverb, delay, reverb, and delay in Reason. I also have a delay, reverb, and delay in my pedal chain, so I might get ridiculous with things when additional layering is added. We shall see!

That does it for now - we'll see what next week brings!

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