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Music Journal - 2019-03-19

It's been business as usual here, as I'm working on putting together beats for the arpeggios I've created. I've started on beats for 6 of the 10 so far, and I should be able to assess things better once I've got beats started for the other four.

There are a couple bigger things though, as I've got a piece coming out on the upcoming Ambient Online compilation titled "Icebound Desolation". It's more akin to my previous ambient style, though it's a little less drone-like and actually moves a little bit in a hard-to-decipher arch form (ABCBA).

The other one is that I finally finished the first round of my Spotify Genre project, wherein I was able to trim the amount of genres down from 427 to 174. Round two will be a little more intense, as I'm voting on the first 10 samples that are in the respective genre's playlist, then voting on whether it moves on or not. I plan to do five a day (which takes half an hour or so), so I won't be done with round two for a while, unless I decide to take some extra time on it during the weekends (I might).

Going back to the upcoming album/EP, of the 10 pieces I'm working on, six of them will make the album, and there will be an exclusive track for YouTube coming out a week before the album release, and one for SoundCloud two weeks before. I'm not sure what will happen with the other two, though they'll probably get salvaged and reworked for the follow-up to the next album (which is still tentatively titled "Memories in Time"). I honestly don't know - I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

The album itself seems to be shaping up to be a fair bit shorter, as I don't feel like stretching out too far after tweaking my sound as much as I have. I mean, it will still be ambient in relation to the amount of reverb and delay that will be applied to many of the parts of the tracks, but the beats are definitely moving too much for it to be considered strictly ambient. Ahh genres - the boon and bane of my existence.

That should be all for now - I'll be back next week!

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