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Music Journal - 2019-03-05

It's been another chaotic week (nothing new there). I've decided to kick the Remasters project in a head, because I've realized that I'll get more benefit from just listening to my past works and gathering ideas from doing so. I do plan to review my past works for this site, so look for that on the Music page sometime in the future.

It could be the influence from Devin Townsend's process resonating with me so profoundly, as I'm taking a similar approach with my own work as he did with Empath. His process was to lay all of his past works out on the table, try to make sense of them all, put out a release that encompasses all of them, and move forward.

That was originally my plan for "Saying Farewell" and "Finding Clarity", but those ideas got put away because I'm not really that interested in reliving past events. I'd rather revisit my past music and musical influences, try to make sense of it, and go from there.

As for the music itself, I'm finishing up a desolate ambient piece for the Ambient Online "Uranus" compilation. I wasn't sure I'd have time to do anything, but some time freed up this weekend and I was able to mostly finish it up.

I was also able to record scratch tracks for ten arpeggios I've mostly written over the past few months, though a couple are from many years prior (and one is a rework of this piece of mine).

One of those scratch tracks was the basis for the piece I did for Ambient Online, and I'm going to use them to see if I can match them up with the 100 or so demos from years prior that are still kicking around on my laptop.

I could potentially use them multiple times, as they're the building blocks upon which my new modal style of writing is taking form.

My process begins with entering the notes of each arpeggio into this website, clicking the the normal, other western, and ethnic scale check boxes, then copying all the scales that correlate with the arpeggio. My arpeggios are usually between 3-5 notes, so the variety of scales they work with varies (and knowing me, I'll probably make a spreadsheet of how many scales work with each arpeggio).

I also got some new cables, so now I can get my pedal chain up and running again. That should allow me to more accurately revisit the previous sounds I've had over the years with my upcoming works.

I think that's it for now - let's see what I can accomplish over the next week!

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