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Music Journal - 2019-02-26

It was another busy one last week - not just with work, but with the release of my newest album, From Darkness Comes Creation and trying to figure out what comes after.

The new album's getting a little more traction than I expected, but with it being an album with two thirty-minute dark ambient pieces full of crushing and oppressive bleakness, I didn't expect much! I also received an offer to collaborate with another artist doing dark and abstract music, which I'm definitely interested in when I'm ready to do so (which should be soon).

I'm also still marveling a bit at how one of my pieces from my Altered Sun album that came out in October 2017 is getting some traction. The piece is called Looming Dread and about 25% of its plays are coming from an unknown source, which is a bit strange, but according to this website, it could be coming from a number of places. I'm just happy people are enjoying my work!

Speaking of enjoying people's work, Devin Townsend just released the first single from his new album Empath called Genesis and it is a sonic tour-de-force that blows my mind every time I listen to it. I can't wait for the album to come out!

I've only done a bit more work on listening to the different genres on the list of ones I like from Every Noise At Once, though at about 25% in, it seems to be a combination of ambient, classical, electronic music, jazz, metal, and rock. I can't say I'm surprised!

As for my upcoming works, the idea behind it has changed three times in the last week, which is just the slightest bit annoying. It's gone from the "Returning to Form/Saying Farewell/Finding Clarity" collection of releases, to doing five six-piece EPs revisiting a collection of works I've created over the past 20 or so years, to building everything off of a looping guitar arpeggio, finding how many scales that loop falls into, then changing the scale with each section - sort of an abstract approach to modal jazz.

The best example from my past work I have for this would be my "A Calming Influence" piece (both the original and the rework), but with less meandering and more changes and dynamics. The arpeggio idea was going to be the basis for one of my YouTube projects, but now the demo for that is helping me find sound fonts I want to work with in Reason.

I decided to go the arpeggio route, because generally when I pick up the guitar to write, I start with writing arpeggios. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe it's my love for all the arpeggios I listened to when I was growing up and playing the Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy games.

I think that's it for now - I haven't done anything with the cassettes or remasters in a while, so I should get back to that before I post the next music journal. I still have one YouTube project that I want to launch, but that's still a ways off too. I'll get there when I get there!

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