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Music Journal - 2019-02-19

I've been working a fair bit and out of town for a good majority of the last week, but a few new things are coming together.

In going through the Every Noise At Once list, I've come up with seven words that I want my sound to encompass: slow, atmospheric, heavy, rhythmic, syncopated, textured, and dense. I was a huge fan of Jesu in my mid-20s, so hopefully my music doesn't end up sounding too much like them.

I also realize that I just need to create as I go, because if I wait until I'm done with all the remasters, I'm going to be waiting a while to get anything new out.

I guess I shouldn't be so concerned, since "From Darkness Comes Creation" is coming out on Friday, but that album is done and I'm ready to move on to the next thing.

I did tinker a bit with the drum kit I plan to use with my upcoming works and I'm testing some ideas for one of my YouTube projects, but it needs a little more work first. My time's a little more free in this upcoming week, so I should be able to get things better figured out.

There is something I'm thinking about that I touched on in an earlier paragraph, which is that I don't have to be done with projects and have collected all the ideas from them to move forward with new creativity.

For example, I'm still deep in my Spotify genre list project, I still have more old cassettes to go through, and still have to do all of the remasters that I plan to, but I can still create anew with the progress I've made so far. When I finish those above projects, I can add anything I've learned from finishing those projects to the albums I release after I'm done with them. There's no point in waiting, because life keeps rumbling along regardless.

So much for brevity! When I'm talking about music and my process, it's not a strong suit of mine. Must be that whole passion thing.

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