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Music Journal - 2019-02-12

It seemed prudent to start one of these up, as I've got a lot going on musically and I want to have a record of what I've done to figure out where I'm going with my sound.

I'm also going to challenge myself to keep these journals online, as I've started up many things over the years and taken them down (sometimes more than once). I know I'm going to continue making music, so these journals could be interesting to reflect on in the future.

In regards to that, I've been in the process of deleting old ideas, shredding old journals, and getting rid of many inessentials, so I don't know if I'll have much use to revisit these journals, but I might!

Now, to begin. As I just mentioned, I've been in a phase of cleaning up my past for the last few years and a big part of that now is going through my last 25 years of musical output and listening history and figuring out where I'm going moving forward.

I could just stick with the ambient, but I feel that's only a part of my musical equation. Plus, both of the projects I'm doing for YouTube are ambient-based, so it's not as if I'm abandoning that part of my creativity at all.

That said, I feel like my upcoming album "From Darkness Comes Creation" shows that I more or less worked myself into a corner by using just intonation tuning and abstract samples. I did so because I thought it was cool to do so (and I still dig the different tonalities it provides), but it's not very efficient to use JI for my creative process.

I also feel I need to finish going through my old cassettes and remaster my previous works to get a better idea of where I want to head musically - or at least which parts of my musical history I want to bring with me and what I can leave behind.

In that vein, I went through the entirety of my Spotify artists list, typed up all the genres those artists are listed under on Every Noise At Once and ended up with just north of 2000 entries. After compiling the list, I ended up with 427 genres to sift through. I'm going through 25 a day so far, so I should be done in a few weeks if I stay at that pace. About half of the genres so far still seem relevant to my musical interests, with certain genres piquing my interests more than others (hello Post-Doom Metal).

I've also managed to trim the amount of old demos I have from 450 (or so) to 100. Before I do anything with those demos, I need to tighten up my programmed drum kit first. I have thousands of drum sample wave files to dig through and probably just as many (or more) to sift through in Reason, so it might take me a minute.

In addition to demos, there are some of my older pieces that I'd like to revisit and freshen up some, and there might be a few pieces that I haven't listened to in a while that I'd want to do something with. Considering I have fifteen albums available in various places, thirty that are currently offline, and 250 pieces that are here, there, and everywhere, this also may take me a minute.

I also want to figure out how I want to apply the stereo spectrum to the upcoming demos for the next album. I have ideas on how I want to divvy up the spectrum (start at 90% left and add a layer every 5% until I hit 90% right), but I don't know exactly what I want to place in each part of the spectrum or how many parts I want to layer in each part of the spectrum.

It just seems like it's going to be a while before I get another album out (after the "From Darkness Comes Creation" album comes out on the 22nd), which is part of why I'm doing the YouTube projects. Long periods of time going by without releasing any music doesn't suit me well, so I'll have something coming out on the regular while I'm sifting through all of this. I know it'd be faster to knock the big project out all at once, but that's not how I operate. I need little side projects to work on to take my mind off the big ones. Sometimes, you just need to go to the beach.

I think that's everything - at least I hope it is! Hopefully next week's journal will be more brief.

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