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Goals, Schedule, and Tasks

The idea I talked about in my last post has recently developed into creating a weekly schedule and gearing it towards clearing out monthly goals. While my schedule is never static, there are tasks that I aim to complete on specific days of the week (like these posts) and keep my weekly schedule intact.

I'm also trying to get in a five mile walk/hike every day in the interest of better health. So far, I've taken walks for three consecutive days and the next two days look good for them as well. I might miss a day here or there because of an erratic schedule - though I may miss my target on some days (4.4 miles today), I can overshoot my target on other days (7.4 miles yesterday), and it will all balance out (more or less).

As time goes on, I'm sure I'll be able to focus my schedule and skills more, then add more tasks to each day and get more monthly goals planned out and taken care of. To streamlining the process!

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