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Gathering Influences

I've recently spent time assessing my future direction. To do so, I've looked back to my past to see what has influenced me enough to make a significant impression.

Most (if not all) of that people that have influenced me are artistic in some way, whether that be through music, writing, martial arts, or making life itself an art by finding creative ways to live their lives to bring themselves joy.

As I find creativity to be most enjoyable part of the process we call life, this all makes sense. It inspires me to design my life in a way that will best serve my need to partake in the creative process (hopefully without going too overboard).

It's leading towards a direction that doesn't exactly fit my current one, but it doesn't seem like too much of a leap to get there. It's akin to jumping a chasm to land on a parallel path - still with forward momentum, but headed somewhere different. Of course, the forward momentum could be life, but then we're tumbling down a philosophical rabbit hole that doesn't really pertain to the topic at hand.

This chasm jumping will require leaving some things behind that I'm creating distance from and reeling some things in that I've strayed from a bit, but it goes back to the faders idea in Shifting with Change - some faders will slide up while others slide down. It's all a part of the process.

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