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Figure Out Your Process

Devin Townsend is a bit of a pivotal figure in my life. While City has been one of my favorite albums for many years (Alien is pretty awesome too) and I saw Strapping Young Lad open for Meshuggah in 2003, he didn’t really come into my awareness much until I saw the EMGtv video for Kingdom in November 2018.

That performance led to a down-the-rabbit-hole exploration of his back catalog, as well as the discovery that he wrote a book called Only Half There. I got it on Kindle for Christmas 2018 and read it in a few days.

I took notes from the book (as I often do), and the first note I took (which is in bold) is “it’s always been about the process”. From that point, I have been busy working on my own process and figuring it out so I can operate more efficiently as a human being.

That said, I won’t impress my process upon you - you have to figure out your process for yourself. I know people like to speak on things they do which work for them and while that’s great, there’s no guarantee it’s going to work for you (it probably won’t). Every individual has their own process.

Diving into my own process has helped me figure out my musical trajectory (11 branches now and they’re developing more as I go along), my investment strategy, weight loss, my work process in the brewery, and how to navigate life without becoming too much of an emotional roller coaster.

Devin and I aren’t the only ones who think so - my old friend Drew (fellow keyboardist on this album) does and he calls it his program, and Gary Vaynerchuk has spent a lot of time to figure out his process and finds a lot of joy in doing so. Four people is not a lot, but two of those people have done rather well for themselves - Drew and I are still working on it!

As for my process, there are parts of it that I can tell are locked in now and I’m moving forward with them. For example, my musical development of album branches and how each set of albums links together, my journal-like conversational tone on this website, my short posts with a non-trending hashtag on Instagram, the way I pore over lists and refine them multiple times for list-based projects, and the way I write down everything I need to do in a day on my schedule.

All in all, I’m definitely a more stable and focused person since I’ve worked to figure out my process. I know I’m not done yet and I’m excited to see where I end up - I definitely recommend you try to figure out your process too!

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