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Fasting for Lasting

I’ve struggled with my weight for many years, getting to my highest weight in 2006 at 305 pounds (I’m 6’2” for reference). Immediately after that, I signed up at a gym, started working out with a trainer, and lost 70 pounds within a year. At my lowest (in 2010), I got down to 189 pounds to see how low I could go.

That said, after moving buildings across downtown for my job in 2012, I left the gym I was at and the weight started creeping back up. Then I got into the brewing industry and it crept up some more.

The highest it’s been as a brewer is 255, which is no 305, but still way too much. A lot of that dropped off when I became head brewer and started dating my girlfriend at the beginning of 2017, which through stress and illness saw me drop down to 210 by mid-April of that year.

And again, the weight crept back up. It got back up to 245 in May of this year and when my knees starting giving me the slightest bit of grief while walking up the stairs to my office in our apartment’s loft, I decided to start fasting regularly.

I wasn’t just jumping in blind - I had experimented with some fasting in January of this year and had gone through all the hunger and will power issues then, so I knew what to expect when I started doing it more regularly. I also took notes to know where my weak points were and when I felt amazing.

My longest fast then was 48 hours, but I was kind of in a rough way around 44 or so, when I started getting forgetful of what I was doing. My current fasts are 38 hours long (roughly) and I do them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m fasting right now as I type, and I still consume water, coffee, tea (and a little salt to help my body continue to properly process the potassium in my system), but that’s it.

I also just started tracking them through the LIFE Fasting Tracker app and you can join me on my journey (and I can join you on yours) if you join my “Fasting for Lasting” group. It’s just a party of one for now, but all are welcome.

As far as results go, I’ve been able to go from 245 down to 225. Then the weekends come and the weight comes back on (up to 235), mostly through eating out too much and eating high-fat foods. This has been a pattern over the last few weeks, so it’s time for me to step it up.

I’ve mostly been fasting (with some long walks here and there), but I’m referencing a post I wrote for this site years ago about how I lost the weight I spoke of between 2006 and 2010. I had joined a gym, did a bunch of weight lifting and cardio, watched my diet more, and set upper limits for myself once I hit certain weight goals. For example, once I hit 225, if I found myself going up over 230, I would double down on my efforts to get back below it.

While I plan to continue fasting indefinitely, I need to add more of those elements back into my routine to lose more weight and keep it off. It’s a lifelong case of fail and try again so far, so I need to step it up so I can succeed.

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