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Content Creation Schedule

I'm having difficulty coming up with a topic to write about today. I'm trying to establish creative routines for each of my projects, but I've lost focus with my bi-weekly posting here.

I'm getting a little tunnel vision with the "Jibakurei: Ichi" album, which has moved into the mixing phase, but I also realize I need to get on social media more to participate, so I'm not just creating in a vacuum.

I also need to figure out my focus, because I'm trying to develop my skills as a content creator in multiple realms and it's coming across as rather scattered to me.

I don't have a schedule that is conducive to working on things every day and I had the idea to spend one week at a time on each project, but that feels like there would be too much time in-between working on each project.

So that brings me back to the weekly schedule. September's been a bit of a crazy month, but things should be stabilizing with October beginning. I must make a plan to do certain work on certain days and really get some work done.

How that will work, I still don't know. I'll figure it out!

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