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Change Begets Change

A phrase came into my head in May that stated September would be a time of change. That so far has proven accurate in major and minor ways.

There's been a death in my girlfriend's family, my oldest friend (of almost 30 years) is moving out of state, one of my co-workers has moved on and is moving out of state, a new opportunity may be on the table, and my online hosting provider has been bought out after being with them for fifteen years. There are a few other things that are a little too specific or a little too private to share, but with this month only being half way over, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more changes to come.

As for my reaction to change, I've become less reluctant to it over the past few years (thanks to some gentle boots to the hindquarters from my girlfriend). I used to ride the wave of things so long, I'd ride it into the ground. I also know that as of late, I've been knocked off track after an extended vacation and some extended days at the office (fresh hop season does that, especially when you have to pick them) and today has been a day to shore things up.

I'm not sure whether to chalk it up to coincidence or kismet, but the phrase for this post came to me first thing this morning and I also received an e-mail with a useful PDF that relates to the topic. The PDF is about listing the things you actually do, listing the things you want to do, listing your top five goals, listing where you want to be five years from now, listing five goals to accomplish in a year, listing five goals to accomplish in a month (all five of my monthly ones related to the yearly ones), and listing five things you do that you can get rid of.

It was an excellent exercise that found me at the right time so I could get the full benefit from it, and now I have five reachable goals that were previously (save for one) nebulous. It also helped me to realize that I multi-task way too much and must focus more on mono-tasking. That will be the hard part, but the exercise of getting rid of five things has definitely freed up more time and there are less things that are after my attention (save for the things I really want to accomplish).

It drove the point home that change begets change, as you have to makes changes to your life if you expect your life to change at all. Change isn't always easy, but it's always beneficial as a way to grow, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. That said, the work needs to be put in to have those changes occur and that's where I'm at now. Back to work!

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