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Building the Ideal Day

I had an idea this morning that I wanted to elaborate on - one, so I can wrap my own head around it better, and two, so hopefully some of you reading this can incorporate this idea into your lives and it will help you be more productive as well.

The thought was about building the ideal day: schedule out a 16-hour day in which there would be no interruptions and to figure out the process of how it would work. What that breaks down to is listing out all the things I do during the day, all the things I want to do during the day, and then dividing them up into corresponding periods of time.

For example, I have at least 30 different things on my list of things I want to do, so I want to break those down into different areas, like music creation, music editing, website work, social media time, file maintenance, workspace maintenance, musical project development, reading… the list goes on. Then I want to integrate the things that I already do on that list and see how they fit together.

After that part of the process, I want to figure out how to refine the amount of time to spend on each part and focus on building the ideal day out of those different parts. Because let’s face it - having a full 16-hour day to work on everything is nigh impossible to come by. However, a 2-hour block here or a 4-hour block there are definitely available (at least at this time).

Honestly, I’d need a lot more than 16 hours to get everything done in a day, which means I need to write everything out, figure out how long it would take, and then focus on streamlining my process. Challenge accepted!

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