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2024-02-05 (Week 2305): On to the Next Thing

The weeks fly by so fast that I can barely remember them. Work was busy, and in my free time, I tidied my desk, had many discussions with my partner about various topics, and helped my mom with some indoor and outdoor chores that required physical exertion.

My primary “creative” focus last week was administrative, so I pared down my inboxes and organized many old photos from Christmas 2003 until early 2017. Christmas 2003 was when I received my old digital camera, and in early 2017, I finally jumped on the smartphone bandwagon (I was pretty ride-or-die with my flip phone).

The old photos hit reasonably hard, as those 13 years were a significant part of my life. There were many shots of Oregon Coast exploration and pictures from the early gatherings with the gaming group that are now my lifelong friends.

There were the later years and last photos of my first two cats and early pictures of my following two cats that I had to leave with my parents (now my mom) when I moved in with my partner.

There were also lots of miscellaneous nature shots from walks I went on and lots of photos I wanted to use for album covers but never got around to writing music for them. I did for a few, like Dreamscapes and Explorations in Sound.

My point is that in going through all these old photos, it’s hung a lantern on the feeling I have that life is a series of events. We have various things to achieve/obstacles in our way, and once we get past them, it’s on to the next thing.

That feeling also relates to all the adventures I’ve had that were laid bare to me through my camera lens. It’s a documentation of different phases of life to look back upon. It is a way to either find joy in the memories or analyze situations and learn from them if possible.

There are also new memories in store, but perhaps with more life behind me than ahead of me (probably), the most joyous experiences have already occurred.

I recently stumbled upon the description of the four stages of life in Hinduism, and I’m likely starting into the third stage, Vanaprastha. It’s when one steps back from being a student of the world or being a person building a family and letting the next generation take over.

As I never had children, I probably went straight from 1st to 3rd (which is possible). The beginning of this blog was likely the end of the first stage (or the Brahmacharya stage).

Considering everything that has happened since starting this blog almost two years ago, there has been a lot of life progression, and I need to keep hanging on for the ride.

Until next week!