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2024-01-29 (Week 2304): Weekly Routines

It was another week of many happenings, from anniversaries to memorials, heartaches to hardships, and many learning experiences. I’m exhausted, and this week just began.

I’ve also agreed to cut my computer time to spend more time doing non-computer things, so I need to find a way to focus on my computer projects and get more things done with my available time.

The way to do that is to set up weekly routines wherein I focus on one aspect of all the things I want to get done. I’m returning to an idea I planned to explore with the Round Robin blog I wrote almost 20 weeks ago. A week of writing and collating thoughts, a week of music, a week of Mordor, and a week of archiving/administrative tasks. I suspect I will still jot down notes and ideas as they come, then use the writing week to organize them.

I’m hoping it will help me focus more since it seems like I can do whatever I want with oceans of time available (even with a full-time job). Realizing that the oceans are only lakes will help me use my available time more wisely.

I prided myself on my ability to get so many projects done in my youth, and now it feels like I can’t finish anything. The weekly blogs are my current example that I can, so if I expand that focus to other projects, I’ll hopefully be able to get things done.

I’ve become rather long-winded on this blog in the last few weeks, which is likely due to feeling like I had more time, and there have been a lot of new things going on. As the newness fades and the routines set in, I can focus more on digging in and getting things done.

Until next week!