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2024-01-01 (Week 2300): New Year's Day

As the song says, "All is quiet on New Year's Day."

It's early morning, and I slept through the year's changing. The last time I was awake for the year's change was in 2019, and everything changed in 2020.

The older I get, the less the new year matters, even more so now that I count time in weeks. External influences continue to hold less sway, and those influences tend to be attached to the moments of discovery.

As I continue to turn inward, I realize the struggle to discover self-awareness is timeless, as is the struggle to relate to others selflessly and conscientiously.

It is also a struggle to undo patterns of behavior taught by family, friends, partners, peers, and the media and discover who we are at our core. The more we disengage from these influences, the more we can unravel things projected upon us and leave them by the wayside.

That is the point of a New Year's Resolution: a decision to attempt a change in life and see where it goes. A lot of times, it tends to disappear after a couple of weeks. We are creatures of habit, and change tends to be the most challenging habit to commit to.

That's not to say that things don't change naturally by themselves, as the seasons change, and our affinities towards things fade away. Even the song I linked at the beginning of this article affected my emotions greatly, and now it falls flat.

The song also says, "Nothing changes on New Year's Day."

Until next week!