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2023-12-25 (Week 2299): 13k and Christmas Monday

Thank you, Neocities, for the 13k views! It’s a pleasant Christmas present I awaken early to find.

Speaking of, I find myself up early on Christmas morning – not awaiting Santa, but rolling into my usual Monday morning writing routine for my website.

It does take me back to previous Christmas mornings, waking up early and seeing the Christmas tree in the dark with unknown gifts lying underneath. I’d plug in the lights, turn on the heat, and sit there in the dark, appreciating its aesthetics.

I’d anticipate whatever gifts may be waiting under the tree. Over the years, I remember receiving my first acoustic guitar, a Nintendo Entertainment System, an exercise bike (I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life), countless CDs and video games, books, music gear, and, of course, the usual – clothes.

My family has never been especially religious but more founded on tradition. Our tradition was to open presents in the late morning and watch a Christmas movie or two, and then Mom would get food together for Christmas dinner. It wasn’t exciting, but at least it was something.

However, times change, and traditions fall away. I have all these memories to hold on to and reflect upon, and while I’ve come upon a new Christmas tradition with my partner and our cat Keiko, it does lack the magic that those earlier Christmas mornings had.

As I step away from the laptop for a moment to get a cup of coffee and give Keiko one round of her eye medicine, it feels like holidays are for the young. It is to get them to experience the magic that can come from fanciful ideas and give them at least a few experiences of joy to reminisce upon as their times on this plane of existence grow longer.

I don’t mean to sound sad, but I often contemplate existence and reflect on old experiences to glean meaning. Perhaps if I had a child or children, I would feel differently about this holiday and other family-oriented ones. Still, they all seem rather hollow since they’ve become overwhelmed by consumerism and capitalism.

Perhaps I would also feel more tuned in to the holidays if I were raised or lived in a country that wasn’t so capitalistic or based more on family tradition. There is also an underlying bleakness that has come about after the events of the past few years, which I’m sure is adding to my lack of enthusiasm towards the holidays.

In any event, I wish everyone who is in the spirit a Merry Christmas.

Until next week!