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2023-12-18 (Week 2298): A Long Process

This week was another busy one, and it’s been a bit of a blur since Thursday. There have been lots of meetups, gift-giving, and holiday cheer.

In my free time, I’ve gone through file folders and old notes, looked at old photos, and revisited saved media. A lot of it leaves me cold, so it feels like I’ve moved forward from my strong connection to my past. It’s rather freeing, as there’s more opportunity to move forward since I’m leaving the past behind.

Speaking of leaving the past behind, that is one of the two potential album titles I’m sitting with, though it’s not accurate anymore. It focuses on the wrong part of the process. The album needs to focus on the freeing feelings of moving forward rather than sitting with what I’m leaving behind. As stated, I’m already losing patience for sifting through old things, but I have a long way to go.

It’s ultimately working out because the sifting gives me new inspiration for creativity. I’ve let all old samples go, and I’ll see what I can create with the three sample packs I downloaded while sifting through old links. There’s a selection of classic drum machines, pianos, synths, and classical instruments, so I’ll be off to the races for demo construction when ready.

It’ll be a while before I get to demo construction, though song titles are forming, and I’m writing a paragraph about what each song title means to me. It’ll also help with the song designs, as I can mold the music to a sonic approximation of how I feel about these ideas.

It’s hard to say what direction the album will take as I’m going through old files and connecting to neurofunk, electro-industrial, atmospheric jungle, minimal techno, and psytech. I bet the album will be a fusion of electronic styles. I know some slushwave, ambient, and classical will find their way in there, but as I said, I’m not even close to beginning to tinker with demos.

Until next week!