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2023-12-11 (Week 2297): When I'm 44

Yesterday was my 44th birthday, a relatively quiet yet enjoyable day. I enjoyed a giant breakfast burrito in bed (made by my partner) and watched my favorite movie. Then, we went to two different wineries in Woodinville for tastings (Dusted Valley & Mark Ryan) and had sushi at our favorite place (Sora Sushi).

I always use my birthday as a time of reflection, so I went through the last 52 weeks of blog entries and separated all of the creative ideas to sift through and see what directions I wanted to go in. As expected, there were many.

In doing a quick perusing of the notes I collected, I was either forecasting things I wanted to do but never got around to or whittling away at old projects a little at a time but never finishing anything.

I only finished separating my wall of blog posts into individual entries, which required scheduling time to separate them and create unique pages. It took about a month, but I managed to get that project to a place I was happy with.

I’ve considered summarizing them further for the site, but that would be me reacting to myself, and I’d want to update them regularly because my perception of things changes over time. It is best to reflect in public and reflect on reflections in private (or in subsequent blog entries).

I also noticed that the music I wanted to create at the beginning of my 43rd year is the same I wanted to do at the end, so perhaps that’s the path to pursue. I’ll likely start with demoing guitar arpeggios and programming them in Hydrogen so I can listen to them on a loop and hear how to develop them. If nothing comes of them, so be it.

As for what I want to accomplish this year, it’s more downsizing, streamlining, and achieving goals that I only whittled down a bit during my 43rd year. I don’t know if I have the patience to monotask and finish things one at a time, but it might be time to find it.

One thing that came up in my previous 52 blogs was to separate all of my data into three folders: y42pre, y43, and y44. The y44 folder will have anything I’m currently working on (like this blog post and the website), y43 will have everything I worked on in my 43rd year, and y42pre will have everything that came before. I will sift through the last two folders and try to summarize. Perhaps that is the next project. It would be easy enough to write about.

Until next week!