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2023-12-04 (Week 2296): 12k and Self-Analysis

Thank you, Neocities, for the 12k views! I’ll keep writing about and analyzing my experiences; hopefully, something interesting will come from them.

I had another busy week at work that flew by, and it’s hard to fathom that I’ve already been there for three months. It’s busy enough that I don’t have as much time for introspection as I did in previous places of employment, and honestly, I’m okay with that.

Regarding my creative endeavors for the week, there have been some intense bouts of self-analysis and a lot of that tends to happen on hikes through Bridle Trails State Park. Something about getting out to nature and putting boots to mud unlocks ideas of self – no earbuds and music required.

I need to go back through old memories and creative endeavors to assess what aspects of those things are still relevant today and what has faded away. Certain aspects of self are healthy enough, and others are a nuisance. Obsessively analyzing who and where I’ve been isn’t incredibly beneficial, but I need to do it one last time (and take excellent notes) to let go and accept who I am today.

It also feels like the album and the book will coordinate, but I don’t know precisely how. Worrying about that aspect feels like putting the cart before the horse, so I’ll note it and get there when I do.

I also started separating old notes into more defined categories. There are observations of the marketplace, my process, declarations of self, and aphorisms. It’s helping me to figure out where I’ve been and who I am. I have many more notes to go through, and I’ve also considered summarizing each month of blogs I’ve posted for further insight. I’m pretty sure that’s part of the process, but as to when that will happen, I don’t know.

As far as the music goes, it will involve guitar arpeggios, piano chords, and mellow beats. I have some arpeggios written for an album called "Darkness Falls" that never came about, and they come to me naturally when I pick up a guitar, so I’ll likely start there and see what happens. I could see the pieces ending up like Seeking Purpose, which I did for a Steemit music competition many moons ago. We shall see.

Until next week!