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2023-11-20 (Week 2294): Forced Creativity

It was another busy week at work, and on Saturday, I enjoyed meeting up with former and current co-workers.

Over the past week, I also had the opportunity to review twenty blogs from around this time last year. In doing so, I realized how much I had forced myself to be creative at that time and how much I had forced myself to be creative for various reasons.

The biggest reason is a relevance issue: I tied much of my identity to creativity. It’s the same reason I had difficulty leaving brewing: I tied much of my identity to being a head brewer.

The idea of being creative was more challenging to break because I had given myself the identity and clung to it for four times as long. Also, brewing was an aspect of my creativity that provided me income.

Now that I’ve moved to a different part of the beer industry, I’ve realized that this is the right industry for me, but I don’t necessarily need to be a brewer. I’m open to the opportunity if it comes my way (and it may), but I don’t have to have brewing as an aspect of my self-worth.

I also don’t have to identify as creative to give myself self-worth because I create regardless. Even if that creativity is a blog post once a week, it is still an act of creating.

I’m also organizing old creative works, tidying things up, and new ideas are appearing. I realize I want to make another album, but I must figure out what I’m trying to do.

I still feel that 2814 sound, and I want to do something between Mindtrap and Shattered Memories, using vintage samples in Hydrogen. I may use Audacity or LMMS to clean things up more, but I don’t want to get especially deep into using a bunch of software or plugins.

I’ve always been into the DIY aesthetic and don’t see a need to change that. It’s likely one of the reasons my music never became successful, even though I had hoped it would be. Stubbornness isn’t one of my better traits, but it can help me see things through when I set my mind to them.

In any event, it’s time to continue digging through old blogs (and posting them) to see what more insights I can glean from my past self.

Until next week!