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2023-11-13 (Week 2293): 11k and Processing

Thank you, Neocities, for the 11k views! I think it’s helping that I’ve finally separated more of the old blog wall into individual pages so people can peruse more.

It’s certainly helped me to do so, as it’s creating a clearer picture of where I’ve been and where I need to go to get to the next goal. The next goal feels like an album, but it could also be a book.

The hardest part about the next goal is that I’m far from it. I’ve realized through another helpful Devin Townsend update (and from things he’s spoken about over the years) that going through these other projects I have and finishing them leads to the next album/book.

A lot of those projects start and lead back to this website. First, I’ll review my old web pages and repost the relevant ones. Then, I’ll post all of my old albums on Bandcamp and do more intricate write-ups for the ones already there, leading to a built-out Albums page.

After that, I plan to finish Mordor, a project I’ve put off for far too long. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a hefty article out of it once I do. Then, I want to get back into better shape, as I was heavy into fitness when I was younger. I feel like it’s something I need to do for myself.

Once that’s all done, it might finally be time to embark on the next album or book, whatever it may be. I might need to dip back into Windows 10 to collect some more samples or compose whatever comes next. It might be a continuation of the "Links to the Past" sound, and all of the samples I need to work with (save for the drums) are in Reason 3. I don’t know yet; it’s too early to tell.

The output from earlier this year was muddled, incomplete, or blizzard drones due to not taking time to complete the process. I more or less forced myself to put out material because it felt like too much time had passed since I’d released "Shattered Memories." It’s funny because I still released regular demos for "Links to the Past" for almost a year after releasing that album.

Anyway, I have a lot of other work I need to do before I make it to the next big creative release, so I will keep working on those projects and see where I end up. It feels like I’m at the part of the process that led Devin Townsend to Empath, which for him was going through all of his past creativity and trying to make sense of it.

Finally, realizing that I’m at that point is helpful, as being unable to produce creativity leads to despair and the feeling that everything I’ve created before is pointless. I assure you that this is not a fun place to be.

At least now, the path is clear, and I’ll get to the next album, book, or new course of creative expression when I get there.

Until next week!