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2023-10-16 (Week 2289): Highlight on Keiko

It’s been another busy week focused on my partner’s last week at her most recent job and our cat’s health. She started decompressing from a toxic work environment, and our cat (Keiko, aka Cake Baby) dealt with some asthma issues. Oh yeah, mandatory cat tax:

Keiko (aka Cake Baby)

I’ll discuss our cat since a non-disclosure agreement connects to my partner’s previous job. Keiko has had many issues since we adopted her at 12 years and nine months. She received her first vet care after she went to the rescue we adopted her from (Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue), which was at 12 years of age. She had a dental and has one tooth remaining; she’s had multiple upper respiratory issues and also issues with her intestines.

My partner and I tag-team her care, with her focusing on most of the food additives and ear cleaning and I focus on giving her an inhaler and any eye medications that she needs. She’s currently on two different asthma inhalers, a pill to relieve respiratory distress, and three eye drop medications for issues relating to corneal ulcers.

She’s currently 14 years and two months old, and we have been through many vet visits and changes, as well as trips to an eye specialist. If you had told me 32 years ago, when my cat ownership started with an 8-week-old kitten, that I’d do all of this pet maintenance so many years later, I might have balked at the idea. At this age, though, I see it as a learning experience and skills I can use to help any other distressed cats my partner and I may adopt.

As for me, things are coming back together with my creativity and studying. I’m finding some sounds I want to work with, developing structures and frameworks for pieces, and realizing that chilled-out electronic music is my lane. The upcoming works are likely to be most similar to my Mindtrap album (Bandcamp | Spotify), though with more of a t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 vibe (like this track).

I also rearranged the shelf behind my laptop yesterday, which was a bunch of clutter and long-unused musical equipment. It’s now a shelf of books – a few I’ve read, but most are still untouched. If I want to write more (which I do), I need to read more. My online sources are drying up, so I’m going to a more traditional format.

I’m hoping for a more mellow week this week and for Keiko’s health issues to resolve somewhat, but you never can tell.

Until next week!