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2023-09-25 (Week 2286): Puzzles

The idea came to me that a lot of what interests me or what I do professionally comes from the concept of puzzles.

My warehouse work is about putting together everything that needs to go out to distributors/the taprooms, finding the best ways to organize the product in the warehouse, making it easy to find, and creating the most open space.

With any of my creative pursuits, it’s about putting together elements in a proper sequence to create an appealing result.

It’s why I’m finding the gaming I’ve done recently (Dragon Quest IX for DS and Final Fantasy for NES) falling flat and probably why I’m balking at returning to Mordor.

As for the subsequent puzzle pursuit, I’m returning to Rollercoin and playing the puzzle games there. The game doesn’t pay out in the cryptocurrency I support, so I use the in-game currency to build up mining speed in the hopes that they might one day.

I don’t know; I may get motivated to get creative with music and writing again soon, but work and life are taking most of my runtime, and I’m feeling uninspired. I have some ideas, but I don’t have the energy to pursue them outside of a bit of tinkering. I may be in the primordial stage for many ideas; who knows?

Until next week!