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2023-09-18 (Week 2285): Round Robin

Another week of work has passed, and I feel much more comfortable there. There are still many things to catch up on, but it feels manageable. I'll be fine as long as the outgoing orders aren't too huge this week and I have more time to put my hands and eyes on the product.

There was a fun celebration there on Saturday, and I got to chat with and get to know some of my co-workers better, which is always good. I'll fit in nicely, even though I already feel that way two weeks in.

As for all of my other projects, I'm looking to take an approach they do for work tasks. A few minor weekend duties require a small amount of maintenance (gravity checking and carbonating tanks), so people are assigned to come in for a few hours a day on the weekend in a round-robin style. As the warehouse coordinator, I'm still determining if I'll be assigned those tasks, but I can jump in if they need me to, as I've done both things many times before.

Anyway, with all the different things on my plate, a weekly round-robin approach might lead to some progress. The idea is that I mainly focus on one particular task for a week when I have some free time, and hopefully, I'll get somewhere with it. I have a decent idea about my list of tasks, so now I need to map it out and figure out the logical progressions. Finishing old tasks will lead to new ones, but I'll get there when I get there.

Until next week!