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2023-09-11 (Week 2284): Shifting Energy

I hope to have enough to write about this week, as the main focus was learning as many aspects of my new job as possible. There’s a lot to take in, and it’s starting to get a little smoother, but I’ll have to hit the ground running this week. I’ve had some anxiety this weekend about being able to get things done, but I’ve also had concerns about previous jobs.

I remember when I first started as head brewer, I didn’t have a port on the top of a fermenter fully sealed, so when I went to transfer a beer to the brite tank, it wouldn’t fully move, and I almost had a panic attack trying to figure out what was going on. Thankfully, the old head brewer was just a text away, and he recommended to check that. I did; that was the issue, and the beer transferred fine (and was fine for serving once crashed & kegged). There’s nothing so time-sensitive where I work, save for ensuring shipments are ready on time. There are some other things I need to confirm, but it’ll run more smoothly with more experience and time.

Regarding other things, I finally got back to gaming, but not in the way I expected. I still haven’t approached any old NES games, but I picked my DS up again and started a new round of Dragon Quest IX. I’m still relatively early in the game, but I’m enjoying it well enough so far. I’ll try to write something about it once I hit the end game. I can explore many end-game dungeons post-final boss, but I’ll write about it before I get too deep.

I’m also getting ideas for some loop-based musical pieces, but I’ve barely scratched that surface. I’m learning the new software I’m working with, and I see how the programs I use (Audacity, Hydrogen, LMMS) correlate to the programs I used to use (Goldwave, Reason, Reaper). I’ve considered checking out AV Linux, aside from its use of systemd. I’ll stick with antiX for now, and if I can do everything I want with those three programs, there’s no need to change things.

The time is also drawing near for more upgrades to this site. All these journals I’m writing, and notes I’m making are likely leading to an About page, where I can knock out a page of my philosophy and keep it updated monthly.

My ideas for projects are coming together more now that I’ve got my archives pretty well streamlined, and I can see what I’m keeping and letting go. It’s continuing toward music, retro-gaming, and writing, so I’ll keep plugging away at things and see where I end up. As often quoted, a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step.

Until next week!