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2023-08-28 (Week 2282): 9k and Changing Times

Thanks again to everyone at Neocities for the 9k views! The next milestone is 10k, and hitting five digits on the counter will be awesome, so I’ll keep it up!

Last week, I made a significant change because I’m switching jobs. I took a position that’s an expansion of what I’m currently doing, wherein I’ll work more closely with a team and closer to home. I’m sad to leave where I’m working, but happy for the new opportunity.

The one thing I won’t miss is commuting. Commuting across the lake grows more annoying and expensive with time, and my disregard for Seattle becomes stronger every day, so the less I interact with it, the better. My parents and my oldest friend still live there, and there are still things my partner wants to do in Seattle, so I’ll be back there occasionally. However, going over once or twice every week or two is far better than going over five to six days a week, so I’ll take it.

It also put all my other projects on the back burner, but they’re starting to resurface now that the job change is growing closer. There was an arc to my career that put many things on hold, and this feels like a fresh start. It’s a matter of planning to work on them in an organized fashion so I can get things done.

I’ve downsized my archives a lot lately, which doesn’t show much progress, but it’s been good to get my file bloat down. I still have more work to do, but I’ll get there. Most of my file production lately has been text documents that are easy to compile and downsize. I haven’t been sifting through my notes as regularly as I used to, but things have still been pretty busy as of late, and it feels like I got through a lot of what I needed to already.

I have to choose what’s next on the project list. It feels like I’m at a point where I need to clean up old things before I can start new things, which means more consolidating archives, cleaning up this website, and making albums out of old samples.

As for the albums, I have at least one more in the ambient style, and then I’m heading to a sound similar to the Starrysea album, which has an ambient electronic/dream pop/shoegaze sound. I released that album 11 years ago last week (coinciding with the birthday of my cat Mouse), right before the Ballard brewery scene arc of my life began, and I’m returning to it now that it’s ending. Seems fitting.

I don’t know; it feels like a time to continue slowly progressing with all of my projects, hoping to get them done someday. I don’t know if they’ll ever end, but if I can get them down to a few at a time, that would be great.

Until next week!