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2023-08-07 (Week 2279): Finding My Mediums

I should never predict that my weeks will be slower on a Monday because when I do, they seem super busy and fly by. This one looks the same, as I have separate meetups with friends for catching up and doing trivia, the 2nd to last of the weekly bowling sessions this week, and a concert with my partner. Perhaps next week will be slower!

As for the title, I’ve subscribed to Medium again and plan on writing new articles for the site. It’s been nearly three years since I’ve written anything for the platform, but I know I will do better than last time. Last time, I was writing to run from things, and now I’m writing as an outlet for creativity. I often have the anxiety of not knowing what I’m going to write about, but I let my fingers hit the keyboard, and I go.

Writing is my best vehicle, as I only have to look at this site for evidence. I’ve done an update for this site every week for almost 70 weeks, except for the one week I missed because I was on vacation. I’ve done everything else (music, brewing) sporadically. I spent a lot of time with music, but I was doing it for the wrong reason, the same reason I listed above. I was trying to run from things, and now that I’ve stopped and journaled at least 50,000 words over the last two months, I realize that.

As for the music, I’m still planning on reviewing and reinterpreting my old works, but I think albums are too time-consuming for the gravitas I wish to give my musical skills. I plan on doing singles, then releasing them on the streaming sites when ready. I’ll likely try to figure out a regular schedule for them, but beyond that, I won’t pressure myself to produce like I will with writing. With writing, it comes more naturally (as stated above).

I also want to do NES reviews again, but they’ll be more essay-styled, rather than the way I used to do them with categorizing each aspect of the game, then writing a paragraph or two about it. I may find out after doing the first one that this is no longer for me, but I have to dive in and try before pushing it away. A lot of the games I enjoyed playing had more profound stories, but after a while, it seemed like the cinematics took over, and the story went to the background. That’s likely why I prefer older games, as I don’t need to be wowed by flashy graphics, but I need a good story (or just a fun run-through or puzzle game).

I realize this update is a revamp of what I said last week, but this is the idea churning and refining I do regularly by reading and editing my old journals to see what ideas stick. The previous week’s ideas were pretty sticky, so they returned. I plan to get more focused on these updates, but this is more like a weekly check-in essay, as it has been for quite a while and will continue to be.

Until next week!